Crazy Piss Girls

Is there anything sexier than a golden shower? Crazy piss girls certainly don't think so. These babes love getting down and dirty, especially if your definition of fun includes letting loose a solid stream of urine. Some like to watch you take a leak, while others are true exhibitionists who prefer being the ones watched while they let hot, yellow urine trickle out of their pussies. Some of the nastier babes even enjoy getting covered in your pee, or even drenched by the wiz of multiple men and women. The more dedicated chicks even drink the stuff, asking why you bother to use a toilet at all when you can always just take a leak in their mouths instead. Nothing's too taboo for these babes! Regardless of age or body type, all sorts of chicks can be piss girls, be they blonde teens with big tits or MILF with round asses.

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